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Annie, Bridget, Pat and I really enjoyed our day with you. Let me know if your travels ever bring you to new York or Boston Tim Tobin November 2016

Our thanks again for the splendid times we had with you and Olivier. You worked so very hard to make our cooking sessions a success, and you made everything come out of the oven or the skillet not only looking so delicious but also wonderful to eat. We are grateful for all the fun we had with you and, now that we are back home, we are getting ready to try on our husbands and friends everything you taught us to do. Deanne and her five companions

What a wonderful experience, not only cooking and learning about food and cheese but also about Paris and history The E. family

The class was, if possible, even more delightful than the previous ... Mary Rebecca

Your cooking class was perfection! Everything I hoped it would be. And I am even more in love with Paris after my month there. Melissa B. - Chicago

Thank you for a lovely experience, warmth, openness and hospitality. I feel like I am more able to appreciate French cuisine on a practical level, which is exactly what I was looking for. Maryam, New Orleans (trained pastry chef)

We are so excited to take these recipes home and amaze our family and friends. This was such a great experience for our first trip to Paris, and we will make sure to come back for more on our next trip. Raymond and Holly, Germany and Florida

Fabulous food, wonderful stories, great conversation Margie, Chicago

I just want to say hello and that I already tested your delicious crust and the mushroom pates on a event here yesterday!! See the pic!! Patricia, Sao Paulo Brazil

I wanted to let you know that Hannah has made at least 4 fruit tartes since we got home. We also recreated the meal and had my mom and others come over for dinner. It all worked !!! Thanks so much. Sarah - Houston

Paule the course was a true highlight of our trip—we have raved about it—thanks so much! Jean - Indianapolis

Thank you for the wonderful cooking class yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and spending the day with you. All the best and perhaps our paths will cross again. David - Toronto

We were so happy to receive your newsletter! Such a great feature that your recipe appears in Saveur. Congrats! You deserve such recognition. My daughter Katherine and I were your students at Promenades Gourmandes about eight years ago, when we traveled to Paris. We have never forgotten our day of food shopping, cooking, learning and, of course, dining with you! Katherine has shared her experience with so many people over the years. You made a permanent impression upon her! Beth - Boston area

fourteen years of cooking classes

We were so happy to receive your newsletter! Such a great feature that your recipe appears in Saveur. Congrats! You deserve such recognition. My daughter Katherine and I were your students at Promenades Gourmandes about eight years ago, when we traveled to Paris. We have never forgotten our day of food shopping, cooking, learning and, of course, dining with you! Katherine has shared her experience with so many people over the years. You made a permanent impression upon her! Beth - Boston area, January 2014

What a fantastic day of marketing and cooking ! I can't wait to get home to Toronto and recreate these delicious dishes at my kitchen in Canada. Everything was perfect ! It has always been a dream of mine to take a cooking class in Paris and I believe yours was the absolute best choice ! I could have ever made !! Thank you for a wonderful day ! Amy & Evan - Toronto, September 2013

Thank you so much for this lovely day. You were truly amazing company, conversation and full of fabulous information. You welcomed us into your home and this is a great gresture and gift. You have also proved to me that Henry can cook, or at least help. We will alway remember today. Carrie + Henry - Arizona, June 2013

This has been a rich, fun and educational adventure that has provided insight into Paris foodshops and french cuisine that I would never get otherwise. PLus a fantastic cooking lesson in a wonderful setting. Sandra Kleinfeld - Toronto, April 2013

2012 testimonials from israel

Dearest Paule and Betty, This is gonna be a memorable honeymoon for us. Thank you for sharing your expertise and home with us. We will definitely be back ! Had tons of fun! Kenneth and Diana - Manilla, Philippines January 2012

Thank you for your generosity, your committment to educating us about the beauty of French cuisine and your wisdom. I enjoyed spending time with you and learning recipes I can share with the people l love Rebecca - Sydney, January 2012

Thank you for a truly wonderful and authentic day of French cooking. Your hospitality and cheese tasting has been a highlight of my time in Paris Karla - Sydney, January 2012

Your class was one of the highlights of my trip to Paris. I enjoyed meeting you and Betty, you're both truly gifted. Kris - Bay area, January 2012

Thank you for making such complex tastes seem simple. It is always a pleasure to be taught by someone who loves food and people both so much. Abe - NY, March 2012

Merci, Merci, Merci for the opportunity to visit your home and experience your wonderful recipes. I learned so much in such a short time. You have truly inspired me. As you know, I am a "working mom and wife" and have too often prepared meals for my family for the sake of "getting it on the table". I know that my husband and children will be direct beneficiaries of my time in your kitchen. Jenny - Nashville, March 2012

Your ears must burn every once in a while (that's a classic American phrase) since I still talk about my cooking experiences with you in Paris almost weekly. I learned so many wonderful things with you plus enjoyed your and your husband's company greatly! Melissa - Cape Cod, March 2012

Wonderful to be here again. You are our Paris home. Ron - Georgia, 4th visit in May 2012

Michael and I had an absolutely lovely day with you, and the interesting and pleasantly compatible group with whom we shared your time and skills. We learned many new techniques, and so therefore, your class definitely met our expectations. Devera - NY, May 2012

I cherish the day I spent with you in your home! It was not only learning about food, how to look at foods, the style, but your expertise left me in awe of how “little I know about foods.” What I would give to be able to get the appropriate training to do what you do!!! Claris - Texas, May 2012

What a wonderful experience. I am now a foodie. Most delicious food and what a delightful person. I am planning to return next year. Melinda - San Francisco, June 2012

Thank you for the most memorable day in Paris. The tour, the lesson, the food and the company was lovely. I have shared your website with my Francophile friends. Elizabeth - NYC, July 2012

We were just deliriously happy with the tour. Everything was spot on - totally fantastique and merveilleux in every possible way! Paule was skilled, so French :), helpful, patient, kind, funny, super wise, informed in every way. I was to meet Jacques genin, and go upstairs! Tracy and husband Clancy, July 2012

I've used your recipes a lot, they've worked out fantastically, my dinner parties are better than ever. Steve - Liverpool, September 5th, 2012

Daphne and I decided to cook our French recipes for Thanksgiving, rather than the typical Turkey dinner that all Americans eat for Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun in the kitchen and everything turned out beautifully. Our souffle was light and flavorful, the chicken a hearty dish and the veggies were easy to prepare simply peeling into ribbons. I tried the tarte, it tasted nice, but next time I will add cinnamon to the sauce. We are so used to having cinnamon in our "Apple Pie", that the tarte just did not taste right without it. Denise - Virginia, December 2012

Your cooking school was definitely a highlight for me. I learned many things from you about the butter quality, removing the garlic stem, the salsify – a new/old vegetable, trimming the duck, the mastery of sauces, and your fantastic crust. The hand out sheets you gave us on ingredients and the cheeses as well as the recipes and the lovely salt were very much appreciated. I also learned from you about the importance of quality ingredients and the relationships you establish with your suppliers, so important in this world where we mostly connect with people on computers. You treated us as guests while at the same time we were students. I enjoyed learning about French culture from you and thank you for answering all my many questions. Joan F - Calgary Canada, December 2012

Thanks again for a wonderful day in October. I wanted to let you know I made your apple tart for our Christmas dinner and it turned out perfectly Lou - Pennsylvania, December 2012

2011 testimony in colours

I had a great time today and wanted to thank you so very much for the care you took of me!! It is a day that I will remember fondly for the rest of my life. You truly make everyone feel special! I cannot wait to recreate the meal for my family. Joan B. - NYC

I have taken many cooking classes and I have come to realize that your class was the most informative and enjoyable. I think the shopping with you for the ingredients was a very strong start to the day and then to spend time with you and the others in your wonderful kitchen was a real treat. Donna B. - Atlanta

Our afternoon with you in Paris remains one of the best experiences we've had in any city. Thank you! Greg - Florida

Dear Paule, I have truly taken your lessons to heart. I have incorporated the terrine and the tart into my "repertoire." Your family recipe for the tart shell and almond cream have truly revolutionized my approach to dessert. You have inspired me. Joe - Minnesota

You are often on my mind. I really have to thank you for being a spark that has changed the direction of my life… it has now been two years since I took your class in Paris, and since, I have graduated from culinary school, left my corporate job and am now working as a chef in the Napa Valley, truly living my dream. message from Cara who took classes in 2009

Thank you for the outstanding experience with French cooking, enjoying a wonderful adventure with my daughter, and getting to know you and your world just a teenie bit! I have had much fun sharing my French cooking experience with my foodie friends and I have no doubt you will hear from a few of them. Tracey - Minneapolis

Grazie! The best way to live our anniversary. "Tutto cio' che e'fatto con amore ... viene bene" Benedetta e Federico - Roma

We all were very impressed by your energy, knowledge, enthusiasm, and let's not forget about the food! It was a lot of fun! Lisa - Puerto Rico and Washington DC

Thank you so much for the wonderful day you shared with me and the others . I enjoyed very much learning from you the real 'inside scoop' on the subtleties of French shopping, composing a meal, cooking and dining. I have already quoted you many times! Lauralee - Boston

Merci encore pour la belle journée passée en votre compagnie. J'ai fait plusieurs fois votre divine tarte aux fruits et j'en ai reçu d'avides compliments. Christine Gagnon - Yellowknife, Canada

We love your new apartment, what a great place to learn and you have so much to offer. Our second experience has far exceeded our memory from our first visit in 2006 Frank and Frances - Joplin, Missouri

This is our second visit to you. We had a wonderful time, learned a lot, ate even more and to see you in antother five years. Come visit Albuquerque. Kathy and Rob - New Mexico, 2011

A most wonderful day in your kitchen and at the table. The most delicious meal with the finest ingredients. I am so glad I held on to the 2001 Paris Gourmet magazine. I feel I have made a new friend. Until next time ... Maria - Pennsylvania, 2011

What a pleasure to spend our day with you. We enjoyed every step we took, starting at the market place. Oh, the joy of the cheese store, so bright and clean, then to the subway and on to your home for various, all delicious, courses. We greatly appreciate your talent, willingness to explain and insistence on participation. A lovely taste of Paris accented by your talent and charm. Laurie and Scott - Los Angeles, 2011

Your detailed explanation will be long remembered by me. Hopefully after this lesson, I can cook an authentic french meal and surprise my friends and family during Christmas. We certainly will come to you for more recipes when we come to Paris next. Diana and Gilbert - Hong Kong, 2011

2010 testimonials from Portugal

This was a beautiful way to end our vacation. Your warm demeanor, gorgeous welcoming kitchen and home made us comfortable. The food was delicious and the education superb. Our conversations added even more dynamic to the day. You are a wonderfull host. Thank you so much. Merci Beaucoup. Lauren & Bradley - New York, April 2010

Merci pour cette expérience merveilleuse. C'est vraiment différent avoir cette leçon dans une vraie maison française. Elaine - Sao Paulo, May

"I love Paris", as Cole Porter wrote, but after your class I love Paris even more. Howard - Los Angeles, May 2010

Thank you for the extraordinary time we had with you. The food was great and the dessert delicious. This is the most unexpected gift I have ever had from my wife. Rafael & Josette - Sao Paulo, June 2010

C'est très formidable d'avoir une nouveaux amie en Paris! Nous apprécions votre connaissance des nourritures de cette ville magnifique. Nous partons avec votre généraux esprit dans nos coeurs. Alexa, Lynne, Diane, Garrett - Boston, July 2010

Muchas gracias por la hospitalidad, el curso y por la magnifica comida. Ojala nos visiten en Arizona o en Lima. Luis & Christine Leon - Arizona, July 2010

Dearest Paule, I have fallen in love with you in just one day! My greatest thanks to your open arms, your energy and your incredible work with french food! Juli D, Atlanta and Mallorca - July 2010

Thank you a million for another perfect, delicious, & always very fun day - from beginning to end! Learning and laughing a lot and always leaving wanting more! Until next time...Bisous Robyn, California - October 2010

I asked no questions; I answered no questions - I didn't have to, because you showed me I have potential! Magnifique! Mark

Dear Paule, Delicious food, incredibly detailed explanations, great conversation, and such a beautiful place! I will encourage Mark to cook when we get back to Seattle! Jen

Dear Paule, We successfully served the meal which we learned in your class for guests this past weekend and it was quite a hit! Many many thanks for a wonderful experience and some very tasty recipes. My husband and I think that Monsieur Sarkozy should appoint you as his culinary ambassador to France, since you were such a convincing advocate for all things français. Rose and Klaudius - Frankfurt, Germany, December 2010

2008 from singapore

The harmony you create by combining the perfect ingredients to make an extraordinary meal is pure magic! It was a lovely experience to share with my fiance and I look forward to sharing time with you in the kitchen once again! I can not wait to try my new recipes back at home! Jacyln - Toronto, December 2009

That was a terrific class and when we left, everyone said that it was great. So you have a few new fans. You did a fantastic job teaching and with everything. Thanks for making the day so special. David Lebovitz - October 2009

"thanks for such a wonderful day yesterday. I really loved the whole experience, especially hearing your thoughtful explanations of French tradition and culture. I would love to bring a couple of my best friends back to Paris to share an afternoon chez Paule with them" and, from a member of David Lebovitz's group here on October 20th

My experience at Promenades Gourmandes was one I will never forget, and I hope to come back for class again soon. The food we prepared under your care was absolutely delicious, and I ate up every bit of the cultural food lesson. I wish food was central to American culture in the same healthy and beautiful way as it is in France. The tradition of cutting cheese to preserve equal and optimal flavor for each bite or person at the table is, well, perfection in my mind... John and Josie S - third class, October 2009

Paule is a wonderful teacher - energetic and knowledgeable. Meeting her made me want to pursue a career in food. The time I spent cooking in her home was one of the high points of my stay in Paris. Bernice F - January 2009

2008 testimonials

Your cooking was marvelous, we enjoyed learning french cuisine in your kitchen. Looking forward to more cooking lessons with you in the future if we ever visit paris again. Gerald and JP, the 2 singaporean pilots - December 2008

“Obrigada” ... we just loved your cooking class, it was delicious. You are a great chef! Maria & Antonio - Sao Paulo, Brazil, December 2008

For people traveling who love food and love to cook, Promenades Gourmandes offers a great product. Paule is very generous with her information and knowledge, and it is definitely Parisian! A personal, yet “historical” perspective of the development of cooking in Paris. Corinne C. - Owner of The Culinary Loft in NYC, November 2008

Feeling so inspired from my trip and lessons with you, I am looking to enroll in a formal culinary arts program in January! I always thought it would be a fun degree to earn, but have never before felt quite as driven as I feel now. I have been practicing quite a bit, using and modifying the recipes I learned with you. You are an inspiration! Gabriella R. - October 2008

It was the most fantastic lesson in my life! Thank you!! Katia - Moscow, September 2008

"There were so many subtle things in your style that will help me improve my cooking. This was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to learn how the French cook." Joe C. - October 2007

“Just wanted to let you know I had one of the most wonderful days of my life today. Being in the presence of your wonderful, knowledgable self was such a treat!" Anita S. - January 2007

"You are a lovely host and teacher and it was a pleasure making your acquaintance. The insider’s view to the Parisian marché, the menu, and your extensive knowledge of French culture and cooking made up for a fascinating day." Travis and Mike - May 2006

I love your new place and the stove is just beautiful! You really have a touch when it comes to decorating … so thanks for the inspiration. Really liked the video of the salon culinaire…as well as the video with Josee. Brought back lots of memories of my unforgettable day spent exploring the Marais with you. Maria Lopez - Wollongong, NSW. Australia, caterer, came in June 2006

"How exciting to run into Dorie Greenspan after talking about her in the class. We loved spending the day with you. It was everything we had hoped for and more." Caroline and John A. - 2004

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