They talk about Promenades Gourmandes

When you sign up for a cooking class in Paris you may have visions of quietly strolling through bustling streets lined with food shops, chatting with a friend as you knowledgeably select just the right ingredients for a meal you’ll prepare yourselves in an intimate, but exquisitely appointed, Parisian kitchen.  And with Paule Caillat’s Promenades Gourmandes that is exactly what you can expect.  In addition to her years of experience as a culinary teacher, Caillat is a lifelong Parisian with a real feel for the local food culture, and a flair for life in Paris.  But, more than that, she has a genuine desire to make Promenades Gourmandes a practical experience that her students can use not just shopping during their stay in Paris, but also in their kitchens back at home.

A day in my class/kitchen by Anna Hartley
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