We are more than insiders, we are native parisians, with a lifelong interest and professional careers in food. Our families are French, from diverse backgrounds. We have traveled and lived abroad, we have a perspective on foreign culture and expectations.

Gourmet walks : Our vendors are carefully selected, they are friendly to all, and with us they love to exchange jokes and stories, taking the relationship one step further.

We have our favorite itineraries, but if you have a special request we can fill, do not hesitate to let us know.

The tours are offered for a minimum of two, mornings or afternoons, conducted either by Paule or her partners. Some Sunday mornings are available by request. Mondays are never available.

Duration : 3 hours approximately


  • 350 euros for a party of two
  • 400 euros for a party of three
  • 490 euros for a party of four
  • 550 euros for a party of five

for a party of six or more, please inquire

We can accomodate larger groups, please contact us for details.

Paris gourmet walks with Paule Caillat

Promenades Gourmandes


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