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You'll find here informations about Promenades Gourmandes.

All cooking classes and gourmet walking tours are offered in English by your bilingual instructor Paule Caillat.

You can contact us at any time, once you know the dates of your availability in Paris, including last minute. We usually do not confirm reservations for dates more than three months in advance.

Visit our reservations page for complete details. (Please note that a 50 percent deposit is required to hold your reservation.)

Please review our list of prices for complete information.

Promenades Gourmandes accepts Visa or MasterCard.

Yes, Promenades Gourmandes accepts checks in euros or bank to bank transfers.

Classes and walking tours are typically held Tuesday through Friday. Special arrangements can sometimes be made for weekends. We are closed on Mondays.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation. This deposit may be reapplied, if you need to reschedule your class or tour. Under circumstances beyond our control, we will adjust this policy.

Not a thing. We provide aprons, printed recipes and everything you need to prepare your authentic French meal.

The questionnaire we send ahead enables you to list allergies and restrictions. We do take them into account.

We accommodate up to 8 people. However we can organize a session for up to 12 people coming together if planned sufficiently in advance.

We prepare a substantial meal which includes a cheese tasting, so bring your appetite! Paule recommends that you do not plan a large dinner the same night.

Yes, Promenades Gourmandes offers custom-designed excursions to the French countryside. Contact us to inquire about destinations and rates.

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That's a good question! Please send your question or comment using our online contact form.

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