After a lifetime and 20 years of culinary classes and tours in Paris, Promenades Gourmandes is moving to Lyon!

Since creating the first company devoted to home-based cooking classes in Paris, I have shared great meals, stories and laughter with thousands of visitors from around the world who were curious to learn more about French cuisine and culture.

Now it’s time to begin a new chapter, which appropriately will take me to France’s gastronomic capital, Lyon. With a world-renowned cuisine represented by Paul Bocuse and popularized by the mères lyonnaises, women who created hearty dishes in small restaurants known as bouchons, Lyon has more recently evolved into a hotbed of creative bistro cooking.

A two-hour train ride from Paris on the way to the south of France, this city on the Rhône and Saône rivers has earned UNESCO World Heritage status for its harmonious architecture, culture and history. It also has a relaxed, welcoming vibe that can be felt in its diversity of restaurants that make use of the region’s abundant produce and splendid markets.

In Lyon, I will be collaborating with Lucy Vanel at her teaching kitchen in the Croix Rousse district. If you decide to spend some time in Lyon during your trip to France — which I highly recommend — you can contact me or Lucy to find out the schedule, from market-based cooking classes to pâtisserie.

Meanwhile, my recommendation for market tour cooking classes and baking classes is

Merci mille fois to all my students for the wonderful Paris memories and I look forward to seeing you in Lyon!




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