Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth


When I moved to rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, in July 2008, I knew it had the potential to gentrify,…

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home made with tomatoes, bread, Spanish olive oil and ham


You probably expect me to write about France, but, being a true Parisian, I love to escape from my city….

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2015 Pot au Feu keeps you warm

8:19 am | recipe | 18 Comments

Bonjour à tous, In France, we have all of January to send our New Year’s wishes, so here are mine. Peace…

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valrhona chocolate

Happy Chocolate

3:45 pm | Blog, recipe | 0 Comments

Wishing you a bright and shiny 2014, just like melted chocolate. Ten years ago, my friend Adam Ried offered me…

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la fête de Promenades Gourmandes

La fête

9:00 am | Blog, recipe | 0 Comments

On Saturday October 20th, Promenades Gourmandes gave a party to celebrate life, love, friendship and 10 years of cooking classes…

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Salines Millac

SALT… The importance of being harvested

7:30 pm | Blog, recipe | 0 Comments

I admit I like literary hints and I love Oscar Wilde, but the subject here is SALT, my favorite spice….

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Paule dans le perche

Week-end dans le Perche

11:00 am | Blog, recipe | 1 Comment

We recently spent a week-end at my friend Annick’s house in a region called le Perche, part of Basse Normandie….

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paule and the bistronomique cuisine

Cuisine bistronomique : when Paule goes back to cooking school

10:42 am | Blog | 0 Comments

Dear Foodie friends, Three intense days at Ecole Gregoire-Ferrandi gave me many insights on what is going on in the…

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portrait parisienne

Jamais sans mes poireaux (not without my leeks)

9:00 am | Blog | 0 Comments

I’m Back ! After an interruption of two and a half years, the newsletter is back ! I was busy,…

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